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New old music. Awesome.

2008-08-28 02:00:06 by Eternalreich

Gift of the Creator

A song of long long ago the first actual song we wrote. Killa tunes none the less.

Got a new jam on the way. MindOverMatt just released a solo bass song /167428
so i quickly made a drum track and recorded some evil tunes. Stay tuned.....

carcass is rolling again

2008-08-23 03:52:50 by Eternalreich

Bad man is doin some vox on carcass and darkside555 will be joining the ranks for a rythm part. Devastus will also be doing a solo as well. It's coming....i promise.

After a long hiadis for the web im comin back with some more metal meyhem to soothe your inner demon.

Lets first get this carcass thing back on track we need more rythm players and one lead player and another vokillist would be sweet too.

let me know if you're interested.

I recorded a new cover check this out and join up! Let me know whos interested and well go from there.

Carcass - Keep on Rotting in The Free World - Swansong /151427

New projects in the works

2008-05-13 22:04:25 by Eternalreich

Wuzzup bitches?

I got some new projects in the works now a colab with Bad Man Inc. that i posted a preview of /143788 some kind of Newgrounds-united Cover Spectacular, the Duke Nukem theme for ProjectGodMode n some new shit fer noumenon.

Also listen to the Adapt to the Horde (Vocals) song here /143435 and XxCRUCIFIEDxX is goin to rip it up on one o my originals too.


i need to get vocals on my cover of masters apprentices because i plan on giving opeth a copy of the demo and anyone elses opeth covers as a tribute to their music. this will not be an easy task note all the layers of vokills and how they carry on through each other in the gutteral parts and the clean parts have backwards shit and whatnot. please pm me for a better quality recording also feel free to just do certain parts you dont have to do all.

if any keyboad players want to collab on an opeth cover that would be great

Hail Satan


2008-03-23 16:50:44 by Eternalreich

You must check out the awesomeness that is ProjectGodMode

Hating4Am, Metaljonus, and i have created some wicked ass video game and original music

we've just finished Sepultura's Propaganda with BadManInc. on vokills and CyrilTheWolf on bass

Check it out!

Hail Satan

Allright almost out of old material for real this time

2008-03-06 22:55:03 by Eternalreich

ive got about 3 or 4 more old songs to post up before i do any new shit just to get it out for good

keep on expecting rockin metal grooves and mind melting melodies of twisted torture for your sickly satanic soul

Hail Satan

Allright almost out of old material for real this time

i found some more old shit to post some with vokills too check out bionic warpath

still fuckin with video game tunes for ProjectGodMode and a sepultura cover of propaganda

let me know if anyone wants to colab on it vocally and basswise Bad Man Inc. maybe?

Hail Satan